Keeping all your memories in a photo book for life

You have just spent unforgettable moment with your friends and loved ones, and you want to keep memories of this moment in a photo book, follow the advice below;

Chronological order

Choose the images you want to put into your album first to create a picture book with ease. Make sure they are in the appropriate order and sorted by style, date, or song. It'll be a breeze to create your album from there!

Pick and compile not only stunning pictures but also the funniest ones!

Choose those that are large enough to appear big in your collection, and those that are smaller. And a little color advice: you should adapt your background color to the colors present in your photographs.

Guide the reader's look

You should direct the reader's gaze: a portrait with a left-hand gaze will go to the right-hand side of your photo book; anyone walking to the right will go to the left-hand side. The reader's attention is thus directed toward the inside of your book.

Put together similar images

Collect the images of the same moment or the same theme on every double-page. You'll get an equal color mix. You may, for example, devote a double page to a person, putting in the most beautiful or funniest images.

Nice set

There are many tricks to easily build a picture book but we still forget the book's back! Recall to writing on the back of your book year or the theme of your photo album. If you have a set of picture books, the inscription on the back will easily distinguish them, and they'll look really good on your shelf.

Don't be in panic!

All with photo books dares to start printing. You can waste hours and hours revising, if you're just writing, it's not worth it! You can contact customer support to take advantage of the smart warranty with smart photo if you made an error: they replicate your corrected book for free. Yeah, yeah, even though you were the one who made an mistake!

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