Swimming exercises for pregnant women


Swimming during pregnancy requires a certain rule. Despite a strong desire to swim, you have to follow the guide. This precaution is intended to avoid possible dangerous consequences for the health of the pregnant woman. Buying a jacuzzi is not just for fun. It is especially useful during pregnancy. The benefits of swimming Swimming is the best sport activity for a pregnant woman. It helps to keep physical shape. It also helps maintain and heal the body until the baby is born. During this period, the practice of swimming strengthens the muscles without any effect on the baby. It also eliminates some discomfort during the period of pregnancy by alleviating various ailments, back pain, heavy legs and reduces nausea thanks to the effect of exercising the body under water. The various exercises During exercise, the body is toned. This facilitates later childbirth. So to do this, here are some exercises during swimming sessions. First of all, we carry out bodybuilding of the arms and chest. You will gradually immerse yourself in the water by taking a foam fry. Land on the fry and walk slowly with the strength of your arms. For the legs and thighs, put the fry between your legs to float. Arms extended and hands folded in front, pedal with the legs to move forward. This practice is good for the blood circulation. The exercises should be followed by relaxation times. All this is to forget the stresses of the past. There is also the exercise on the back. Just lie on your back in the water. Place the fry under your head with your hands pushed towards the two tips. Lie down well and to move around, do leg kicks. This exercise will relieve back pain. Finally, there is the exercise of breathing in the water. It is a session intended for the work of breathing. You have to put your head in the water, trying to breathe out as long as possible to get the air out of the lungs. The goal is to increase the breathing capacity and lower the heart rate.

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