Buy an outdoor jacuzzi for the garden of the house

We often hear about a jacuzzi or a hot tub for sale, but do you know what the differences are between the two? The main difference is that the hot tub is an indoor product and the hot tub or spa is designed for use in outdoor spaces such as the patio or garden ... But that's not all.

The outdoor Jacuzzi

We often wonder what complement would be ideal for our garden: a swimming pool, a relaxation area, a garden with natural elements ... There is an option that allows you to make your dreams come true in an aesthetic, useful and essential way: a spa for the garden. Buying an outdoor spa made in Spain is now possible thanks to the Aquavia Spa brand. A brand dedicated to the manufacture of spas and jacuzzis, with more than 25 years of experience in the spa market. If you want a spa at home, Aquavia Spa is the best option, as we have a wide range of products for all individuals or businesses who are considering purchasing a spa made in Spain.

What is an outdoor jacuzzi?

An outdoor spa is a mini-hydromassage pool designed and manufactured to create a space in which to share the best sensations and the most beautiful moments. It is an acrylic shell, with fully ergonomic shapes, which adapts perfectly to different bodies and which allows you to comfortably enjoy a water and air massage throughout the body. An outdoor jacuzzi has a finish fitted with a very weatherproof cabinet, but it is also possible to install the spa integrated in the garden, like a swimming pool. If you are thinking about buying an outdoor spa, you should consider choosing systems like the one called EcoSpa, with which the consumption of the jacuzzi is significantly reduced, which results in lower running costs. The outdoor spas have a control that will allow you to easily access the various filtration programs and temperature settings, which will allow you to have a spa with crystal clear water and at the desired temperature.

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