Who invented the sex doll? The history of sex dolls and who makes them now

In the beginning, the sex dolls are inflatable dolls. They were especially delivered to military camps for the marines. But, since the advent of silicone dolls, the tables have turned and ordinary people want to do her.

Where do silicone dolls come from?

This sex doll is an invention of the Chinese, to solve the problem of lack of women in this country. According to the data collected, among the billions of Chinese populations, 70% are men. The first reason is that, given the fertility of Chinese women, the government has put in place contraceptive methods to limit the number of children to be born. And children are limited to two per household. And then again, families will have to pay a fine if they give birth to a girl, and girls over 16 years old are destined to be exported. As a result, more women in this country and sex dolls were born and they became successful, not only in China, but around the world. Since then, companies have expanded their business, organized workshops and training for the sex toy industry to get into the sex doll business.

How are these sex dolls made?

In recent years, start-ups have taken advantage of the success of the sale of these plump sex doll and have customized them. The dolls are designed with a mixture of plastic and rubber and a metallic constitution of the human skeleton. They have real hair, and permanent makeup. It takes a week to make a flawless doll. It is a very meticulous work and it takes passion to do it. But it is a wonderful job because the dolls make people happy. Some of them adopt her at home and enjoy being with her every day, others have become confident and finally have a reason to live because they know that her plastic partner is waiting for her at home.

According to the surveys, these men who live with a doll are not mentally degenerate, they just have a void to fill.


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