What you need to know about the steel tongue drum

No matter if you’re musically experienced or not, a steel tongue drum is certainly one among the instruments you ought to try. Beautifully sounding but yet easy to play, this instrument fits everyone. It doesn’t require years of coaching , or thousands of dollars like it’s the case with hang drums.

Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum

It is a well-made instrument which offers a quite rich tone and excellent tuning. It’s tune to the F major gapped scale , which may be a great sounding scale for the overtone sound of a steel tongue drum. Speaking of the styling, there's no joking . this is often a reasonably straightforward, common-shaped steel tongue drum, which prefers functionality over visual appeal. Besides good quality, it also features few usual pieces of accessories – a pair of mallets and a pleasant carry bag.

Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Pan

It has a complete of 11 sounds in D major. If you’re trying to find a steel tongue drum that’s tuned during a versatile key that’s also useful for enjoying alongside popular music genre then this might be an excellent option. This one comes with a complete of 11 sounds, it’s a comparatively large one at 10 inches, and comes with mallets that you simply can optionally play with. Great sound, very affordable, and quite popular option.

Pearl PMTD9LYD690 9 Note Tongue Drum Lydian

Pearl may be a household name when it involves drums and percussions, but they create steel tongue drums also . In accordance with the company’s reputation, this model features excellent overall quality. it's made from high-quality steel and features 9 tongues, or 9 tones if you would like.

Beat Root Tongue Drum Multi Scale

This is an incredible steel tongue drum. The Beat Root Multi scale steel tongue drum has a powerful tuning system that permits you to quickly switch between 6 different scales (easily done using magnets). It contains a built-in microphone and a 1/4″ jack connection which will be hooked into an amp or interface for live shows or recording.

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