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Photographer Elmer Escobar says, “Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of flying out to photograph Anais and Eddie’s wedding in Tucson, Arizona. This was an interesting situation because Eddie and Anais didn’t contact me directly. One of my very good friends, Steven, said he wanted to give my services as a gift to his dear friend Eddie. We were able to schedule everything out and I flew in the day before the wedding. Since we didn’t get a chance to do an engagement session prior to the wedding, we came up with the idea that I would cover the rehearsal dinner for them. But of course, I can’t go anywhere without thinking up of something we can shoot that would be fun (this time it involved a trampoline!). Before the officiant would have them sign the marriage license and the dinner began, I took Anais and Eddie around the neighborhood and found beautiful afternoon light. Of course since we had not spoken in person before they were looking at me strangely because they didn’t know what I was seeing. But in the middle of the desert, we found a beautiful backdrop.

The next day I drove over to Eddie’s house to photograph him getting ready. Anais was getting her hair and makeup done elsewhere before heading over to 242 Park Avenue so I decided it’d be best to simply meet her there when she was nearly done. Of course, I mentioned not to get in her dress until I got there. I love photographing wedding details prior to putting them on. It builds up the story. But eventually it was time for me to step out and let Anais get into her her beautiful wedding dress. Her mother and her grandmother were there to help and to witness these special moments.

After Anais had gotten into her wedding dress, we knew that Eddie would be a while so we explored 242 Park Avenue, finding different areas with beautiful light. Anais was a delight to shoot. Not only did she photograph beautifully but she’s just a fun person to be around. Eventually we did have to hide her away because Eddie was approaching and he was anxious to marry the love of his life. He greeted the guests that were there early, and soon enough he was standing at the front of the altar seeing Anais walk down for the first time. It was a very special moment. They had a beautiful ceremony, sealed it with a kiss and they were officially husband and wife!

We walked around the neighborhood for a little bit, capturing the beauty surrounding them. It was hard to get a photo where Eddie wasn’t making Anais smile or laugh: not a complaint, just a fact. They were ecstatic to be together and that’s always what you want to see when you’re photographing a newly wed couple. We walked around and photographed for a while until we had to line them up for their grand entrance. At this point I took a step back and let Eddie and Anais enjoy the evening: capturing candids, with all of their friends having fun. But as usual before I left I did want to give them a night photo. We had the opportunity outside in the back, where there were string lights lining the patio area. It was an absolute pleasure photographing Anais and Eddie on their very special day. Thank you Steven for connecting us, and a big congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez!”

Photographer:  Elmer Escobar Photography//Reception Venue:242 Park Ave Weddings and Events

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DIY: Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet projects are growing more and more in the DIY world as you can literally make anything out of one. It took me a year to finally want to turn my tiny patio space into a safe outdoor environment for the adults and the kids to play in. What better chance to make a pallet coffee table than for our outdoor Oasis! This table was made with wheels so it can easily be moved around and a hole was made in the center for anything you want.. originally it was made to put a succulent garden in it but after seeing my toddler likes playing cards on it and sitting in the hole I had to axe that idea. See below on what we actually did with the table as a whole.

You will need:

Pallet (I used one built with manufactured wood)


Cats Paw

Four Caster Wheels and Screws

Drill with inserts to fit the screws you buy

Four to Ten L Brackets with Screws

2X4 Cut to the size you need

Electric Hand Saw (Makes it much easier than a normal hand saw)

Sand Paper (Also helps if you have an electric power sander)

Thompson’s Water Seal


Step One: Rip out the middle plank with the hammer and crow bar. To do this, take your cats paw and hammer it in between the plank and the board it is nailed to. *Aim toward a nail. Once hammered in between them, tilt the cats paw in the opposite direction to lift up the board. (Like you would when using a hammer to take out a nail)

Step Two: Attach the four wheels to the four corners of the bottom of the pallet. To do this, mark where your screws to hold your wheels are going to be; then drill a hole slightly smaller than your screw. After doing this, hold your wheel where it is going to be, and drill in your screws to hold the caster wheels in place.

Step Three: Cut out a rectangle from the top of your pallet to create a planter. To do this, take your hand saw, and saw out the rectangle. *I would highly recommend to mark where you are going to be sawing. Also, I would recommend sawing along the two middle pallet boards. (This will save you an extra step later) *Save the wood cutout!

Step Four: Measure the width of the hole you have just made, and cut two 2X4s to be the same length. You can hold the 2X4 above the width of the hole and mark where you are going to cut it (using your electric saw).

Step Five: Hammer in the cut 2X4s into the top and bottom of the rectangle hole and attach the cutout to the two 2X4s to create the rest of your planter. To be more specific, take the 2X4 and hammer it into the edge of the width. Then hammer it slightly to the back, so it is hidden. *It should be a snug fit, but to secure it even more you can use L brackets. Then, gently hammer in the cutout (from when you cut out a rectangle in step three)in between the 2X4s. Then secure it in place by screwing in L brackets with your electric drill. *Remember to drills hole slightly smaller than the screws before drilling in your screws. This will prevent splitting.

Step Six: Sand your entire pallet project. The reason I recommend using an electric sander is because it does a LOT faster, and because it is much easier to soften the edges.

Step Seven: After sanding down your pallet apply Thompson’s Water Seal, then apply your paint. *Remember to wipe down your pallet completely before painting. *Also remember to wait for the Thompson’s Water Seal to dry completely before applying paint.

TIPS: You can use the center as a succulent garden, a cooler for drinks, a toy area or anything you can imagine really! 

Rowan loves his new stage and toy bin.;)Happy crafting!!

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Ferry Bundle Of Love

One of my favorite parts is that this was shot in their Denver apartment, the perfect way to show real life.

These pictures says it all; LOVE their confidence! Not only are they beautiful, joyful, bold, and comfortable but it’s easy to love this couple! Zak Ferry has been a friend of mine since childhood. Not only is he dedicated to his family and friends, but he is also a true man of God. As a follower of Christ, he is the executive director of The Lion Project which is a nonprofit organization that focuses on sustainable living, working together, and positively changing the world. I cannot believe he was holding two oranges and a watermelon, however it added a little “playful sass”, and creativity to their photoshoot. When I asked him how this happened, he responded that he felt a little goofy because it was a surprise, but that he did what he was told to do! What a trooper. He also mentioned that the watermelon got heavy after awhile, well Zak, at least you had a glimpse of pregnancy! His wife, Claire Ferry, perpetual-stunning glow leaves an unforgettable impression of how beautiful pregnancy is. Words cannot describe how happy I am for the Ferry family so I wanted to share this beautiful moment for them on our blog.

Congratulations to The Ferrys!

Photographer: Cindi Mikell McCord

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Organic Orange County Love

Asea Tremp Photography says, “ The Anaheim Packing House is a hipsters dream. From the pop-up restaurants and microbrews to the hidden speakeasy, it makes for one fun date night hot spot. The former Sunkist packing factory is rich with history, balanced by modern, trendy touches. Before the gastropubs and trendy coffee spots open for the day, however, it is a photographer’s dream. The gorgeous sunlight streams in through skylights, windows, and glass doors. Put those two together and you have a perfect fit for Candice and Scott’s engagement session. Their laid-back, easy-going personalities fit right in and made it all the more perfect. They even carried the fruit theme through to their wedding, getting married in an apple orchard.”

This venue for an engagement photoshoot is definitely original due to its modern location. Have you ever been to a hipster-trendy packing house? Here is Anaheim, California is this hidden gem.  This couple is having a blast exploring all of it’s versatile treasures as they treasure every moment together.

Photographer:  Asea Tremp Photography

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Lifestyle: Mother Son Bonded by Food

When I started planning this shoot I knew we wanted to showcase cooking. We decided that a little boy cooking would be fun and not focused on girls always doing it so it became a great opportunity for me and Rowan. Boys & food are two things that go good together. When it comes to being a mom to a little boy I believe you have to know how to cook otherwise a lot of drive throughs are in your future.;) All you #boymoms know that they eat a lot their entire lives and it definitely started from birth. In fact the nurses in the Nicu were absolutely amazed by how much my little man was eating.

 As a single mom there is one thing I have learned, and that is a man who can cook is the absolute best thing EVER. Raising my son alone is scary but the scariest part is not knowing if I am doing it the right way. The best I can do is to teach him everything I know and to show him how to be a good person with a big heart and pray for the best. Children grow up so fast I now know why people have more than one child. I try and soak up every single second with my little man and cherish everything we do together. I want to make sure Rowan likes to cook as much as he loves to eat because being able to put healthy things into our bodies to nourish them is such an important thing in our house. I hope you moms & dads take a moment to look at your little and celebrate the joy children are everyday. Life isn’t perfect but I love how perfectly imperfect mine is. For real life photos follow my person Instagram and see how our story unfolds.

That face.

2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup coconut sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp. baking powder
1/3 cup applesauce
2 eggs
1 container Greek Yogurt container (16ozs)
2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries
Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Mix together flour, sugar, salt and baking powder.  In a separate bowl whisk together applesauce, eggs and greek yogurt. Slowly add the wet ingredients to dry ingredients.  Mix just until combined.  Fold in blueberries.
Bake for 15-20 minutes or until center is done.

Thank you so much Ashley for once again capturing the emotion and love I have for Rowan.

Photographer: Ashley Perry Photography | Sara’s Outfit… Shirt: Emerson Grace Boutique , Jeans: Joes , Shoes: Michael Kors  | Rowan’s Outfit… Shirt: Zulily , Shorts: Susie’s Custom , Moccasins: Freshly Picked 

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