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Jacksonville Zoo Engagement

In January, Chrissy Wright and Joshua Spero celebrated their relationship with an engagement session. Photographer Gagan Dhiman spent a sunny Georgia afternoon with the couple, visiting all their favorite places in Jacksonville.

“From the moment I met them it was clear that the love these two have for each other is from God. I met them at Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt. I went a little early to check the place out and the first thing I noticed was the song that the playing in the store was one of my favorite worship songs. I knew it was going to be a good day because before every shoot I pray that God will give me the eye to see the moments that He wants me to capture,” said Dhiman.

“Hearing the worship music in the store set my heart at ease as a reminder that He will be with me through the session. How comforting is our God!? Well after some yogurt we went to Jacksonville Zoo, then to the beach and ended the night at Downtown Jacksonville. I am very excited to capture their wedding in March!”

Chrissy and Joshua are glowing with love in these photos! We wish you a long happy marriage, filled with friendship and devotion. Congrats!

Gagan Dhiman Photography | Dunham Farms | Jacksonville Zoo | Sweet Frog


Wedding Registry!


When it comes time to register for your wedding, you may have some questions. You may ask if you go as a couple, get fine china, only register on one place. Here are a few tips to help you with your wedding registry.

The Gifts

When you go to register for your wedding it is best that you go as a couple. This way the groom can pick out some items that he would like to receive as gifts. The one big item that all couples would ask for was fine china. As a couple discuss the pros and cons of getting fine china, will you actually use it or just display it in a china cabinet. The two of you could get other items that you registered for and would possibly use more. A new trend that some couples have been doing is registering for tools. This is a gift that can be seen more as a groom’s gift but the both of you will use the tools at home. You want to register for more practical items and some fun gifts, but if you’re just starting out the practical gifts will really help.

The Store

Some couples when registering will only do it at one place, like Create and Barrel. But to give your guest more options it’s best to register at multiple places. This way you can create a diverse range of prices for the gifts. You wouldn’t just want to register at Pottery Barn, because not all your guest may be able to buy a $150 gift. You can register at Pottery Barn and a Target, so there are the different gifts and prices.

The Honeymoon Fund

Another great registry item is to have a Honeymoon fund. If guest like giving money and not gifts, you can direct them to your fund. They can buy a dinner or activity to do while on your Honeymoon. This can lower your costs for when you go on your Honeymoon because friends and family have given you activities to do through the fund.



Easter For The Guy in Your Life

After all the love and doting our guys do for us, Easter is a nice time to express our appreciation with none other than an Easter basket for him! Put a lot of thought into this girls, and he’ll be sure to repay you. Ahh, it’s the little things in life. Here are 5 Easter basket fillers for the guy in your life…

Easter for Him

1. The Well-Groomed 2. The Tech-Geek 3. The Athletic Type 4. The Business Man 5. The foodie


Wedding Trend: Geometric Shapes & Patterns

Obsessed would be an understatement! This geometric wedding trend has caught our eye and we’re having trouble keeping our jaws off the floor.  Whoever said geometry wasn’t good times clearly, hasn’t drooled over a round-up of sugary triangles and cubes.

Bold geometric shapes are spreading like wildfire in urban and modern weddings. From invitations, decor and bridesmaids jewelry we are seeing this trend slowly grow. What was once a few elements mixed with elegant colors, this trend has peaked with explosive bright, bold and unapologetic wedding design.

This type of trend works amazingly in venues such as modern lofts or a stylish rooftop celebrations. Not only can you use fabrics with geometric-shaped patterns, but you can also install printed backdrops for your ceremony space or photo booth!

Geometric doesn’t always have to be bold and bright  in colors. A soft geometric can be done in pastel colors. It’s surprising how straight line designs can be so soft!

Even to top it off, geometric fascinators/tiaras are making an appearance in bridal looks! These make pretty spectacular veil alternatives!

How do you feel now about the geometric trend? Loving or loathing the shapes? Hopefully we’ve shown you that from garlands and pinatas to centerpieces and hair accessories, the sky’s the limit when it comes to geometric decor, so have fun with it!

Jeff Loves Jessica | Amalie Orrange Photography

Amanda Megan Miller Photography | Scott Michael Photography

 Izzy Hudgins Photography |Lauren Fair Photography | Style Slicker

Sarah Loertscher happinessisblog.com


Camarillo Garden Wedding

Louis Trinh, of Tikko Weddings, took these photos of Francine Tan and Danny Wong, on their wedding day in September 2013. Maravilla Gardens, in Camarillo, CA, played host to the festivities, and here is what Trinh had to say about the venue and the day:

“Lush landscapes coupled with stunning floral arrangements, by Amanda from Rosebud Floral Designs, made Francine and Danny’s wedding nothing short of elegance!”

“Nestled in Camarillo, the wedding took place in the peaceful oasis of the Maravilla Gardens. Setting the tone and vibe for the bride, groom and company was taken care of by DJ Tony from Red Shoe Entertainment. Recording this momentous occasion and the picturesque couple was FortyOneTwenty Videography.”

The charming details of this wedding make it extra special. The bride looks lovely, her wedding bouquet is beautifully original, and no one can resist a sparkler send-off! Congrats Francine and Danny!

Tikko Weddings | Rosebud Floral Design | Maravilla Gardens | FortyOneTwenty Inc. | Red Shoe Entertainment