A Rustic Whimsical Wedding Day

The style of this session is rustic with a modern twist, and the theme is romance in a summer garden. The set is decorated with soft and fresh colors, such as yellows, pinks, and greens, with gold details being the emphasis to depict the luxurious feel. We found this little secret garden in the urban city; it is so quiet and beautiful, and is a perfect location for a whimsical wedding.

The grand dessert and cake is all designed and handcrafted by Kitty Wong Pastry Shop. The wedding cake, also the main focus of the dessert table, is made with exquisite details like ruffles and gold sequins. The cake was painted with white and gold watercolor effects, and decorated with pink and ivory flowers; all the details are handmade and are edible!


Our planner, D’Love Affair Wedding & Events, sourced all vendors and made this session happen. The set is provided and designed by Past Pieces, from small details like vintage books and suitcases, to big items like the wooden doors, and beautiful couches. We love the rustic dessert table, supported by wine barrels.


The beautiful wedding dress, from Pronovias’ new 2015 collection, is provided by Clara Couture Bridal. This dress features an unique loose strap design, with elegant bead work. The jewelleries, designed by Mirror Mirror Bijoux, also complimented the pink sequins dress with its unique colors and textures.


Photographer:  L’Estelle Photography | Makeup Artist: ACmakeup | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Baracos+Brand |  Event Planner: D’Love Affair Weddings & Events | Makeup Artist: Elena Tsang Make Up Artistry | Cake Designer: Kitty Wong PastryShop | Shoes:Lords Shoes | Jewelry: Mirror Mirror Bijoux | Design and Decor:Pastpieces: Vintage Weddings And Events | Paper Props:Something Nice Decor | Tailored blooms Dress Store: Clara Couture Bridal

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Mommy & Her Twin Princesses

Im a mom of one but moms of multiples are seriously amazing in my eyes!! I don’t know how you ladies do it. I love how you can see the love in these three, they are serious such beautiful little girls. Contrast love.

From Photographer:  ”Meet Tonya, Olivia & Harper. A momma and her pretty twin girls. Precious miracles. Tonya has been waiting for these two angels for quite some time. It was quite a journey getting them here. She is an amazing, beautiful mother with so much love for her children. These sweet girls are nearly three months old and as cute as ever. I loved watching Tonya take care of her babes…and multitask with two at a time. Moms of twins are supermoms! (I know first hand! Thanks, mom!) At the beginning of this session, I kept mixing them up, but now I can totally tell these sweeties apart. They are both so beautiful…and so loved. P.S. Thanks Audrey for letting us use your house.Lifestyle photography is a way of documenting genuine moments in a family’s life. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s beautiful Simply take pictures of a family doing what they do and doing what they love. Capture the way they interact with one another. Freeze genuine moments”.


Photos: KA Photography 

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Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie

Summertime is in full swing and if you are in California like us it seems to have lots of perfect sunshine so any day is perfect for an ice cold smoothie! Today we’re trying out a delicious new recipe, our raspberry sunrise smoothie! This awesome smoothie is super simple to make and and is amazing to sip on! If you have 10 minutes and a blender then this smoothie is for you. This raspberry and mango delight is the perfect thing to beat the summer heat. And if your like us and are into eating healthy you can modify this many ways to make it that much better for you!

1 1/2 cups frozen raspberries
2/3 cup milk
1 1/2 cups frozen mango
2/3 cup orange juice

Other Options:
1 1/2 cups frozen pineapple (optional)

almond milk or soy can replace the whole milk

1. Combine raspberries and milk  in blender until smooth; set aside.

2. Combine mango, orange juice, and pineapple (optional) into blender until smooth; set aside.

3. Serve raspberry mixture immediately, topped with mango mixture.

Enjoy your summer treat!
xoxo, Courtney
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Urban Fishtown Wedding

Anna & Dave look like such a fun couple, I want to be at their wedding! Those superhero socks are the best detail I have seen on the boys to date. From the photographer: “Anna & Dave had a true pre-wedding Fishtown experience. The guys relaxed at La Colombe while the girls got ready at Anna and Dave’s house just a few blocks up the street. Afterwards, we ventured around the neighborhood to spots such as the Bicycle Stable and underneath the classic Market-Frankford El, before heading to JG Domestic at the Cira Centre. Anna and Dave were a joy to work with, and also proved to be experts on the dance floor. Not afraid to get a little silly, these two created a super fun experience for everyone who attended. Dave rocked out in Batman socks the entire wedding while Anna slid into some white Converses for the reception. Together, they snuck to the upstairs of JG Domestic to close out the night with a casual chest bump and one last dreamy view of the city.”

Photographer:  GraceD Photos | Location:JG Domestic | Event Venue:The Cira Centre

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DIY: Egg Carton Roses

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and these egg carton roses prove it!


Egg Carton

Paint (I like using Martha Stewart’s Craft Paint)

Paint Brush

Something disposable to paint on


Craft Wire


Hot Glue Gun

Floral Tape

Step one: Take your egg carton and cut it into strips.

Step two: Then cut out each individual egg holder.

Step three: Round the edges of the individual egg holders.

Step four: For half of the egg holders cut four slits, for the other half cut five slits into them. *Make sure to cut to the innermost circle.

Step five: After cutting the slits, and laying the holders flat, you’ll notice it creates a petal shape. For each petal, round the edges.

Step six: Now, paint each holder, front and back. Wait until the paint fully dries before moving onto the next step.

While I wait, I’m taking a baby break!

Step seven: After the paint completely dries, take your craft wire and stick it into a flame for a couple seconds. This will heat up your wire and make poking a hole in the center of the holder much easier.

Step eight: Poke a hole into the middle of each holder.

Step nine: Stick the craft wire through the hole of a five-petal holder, and loop it. This will help the craft wire stay in place for the next steps.

Step ten: Bring each petal up and bend the tips slightly inward. To keep the petals in the position I wanted I hot-glued each petal to each other.


Step eleven: Then add another five petal layer, hot-gluing it to the bottom of the first holder, and repeat step ten. Then do this step with two four-petal holders, but bend the petals slightly outward. This will give it the look of blooming. *Also, after all the petals were glued, I touched up the paint a bit.

Step twelve: For the last step, take your floral tape and wrap it around the craft wire.

Now, enjoy your beautiful, no-maintenance, roses!

Happy crafting!

Tori Wolf


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