Laws of Love

Photographer said: “Sometimes you meet couples that inspire you to be a better version of yourself just because you see them bringing the best out of each other. And that is Julia and Eddy. They met in grad school while they were studying law. Ask Julia about their first date and everything that went (wrong?) and you’ll know they were made for each other. Talk to them today about their careers, their aspirations, their hopes and dreams for their future and the world, and you’ll know you’re in the company of two people that are truly magical. They balance each other. Make each other laugh. Show adoration and respect and commitment. In a really deep and honest way. So thankful to call them friends, and so excited for their upcoming wedding.”

“Laws of love”, not only did these love birds meet in law school but this photographer, Rachel Goble, captures their genuine public affection in a city in California. The color red reminds us of the color of love, this red hat is a perfect touch for this engagement shoot.

Photographer: Rachel Goble Photography 

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DIY: Ping Pong String of Lights

This simple DIY can light up your whole room; and, not to mention, it also adds a little pop of flare to your string of lights!


A string of Christmas lights
Ping Pong Balls

Step one: Take your ping pong balls and cut an X shape into it with your knife. *To make this a simpler process I heated the knife first with a candle.

Justin wanted me to wear an oven mitt so I wouldn’t slice my fingers

Step two: Slide each individual light into a ping pong ball.

That’s it! And the awesome thing about this piece of decor is that you can enjoy it anywhere. It gives extra light to your kitchen counter, and it’s adorable when it’s draping from your head board. It has definitely helped me see in the middle of the night when baby girl wakes up!




Happy crafting!

Tori Wolf



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Top 10 Business Apps

Keeping up with the latest apps can be challenging, especially when there is an app for anything and everything. But worry no more! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 apps every business person should have on their phone, and some that will help boost your daily productivity.
1. OmniFocus
OmniFocus is a great task management app that helps keep all of your tasks and projects on track. It stores all of your important information in one place whether it’s your project for work or your shopping list. What’s great about this app is that you’ll always be on track for projects and it syncs up with all of your accounts so you can work from any device.
2. Evernote
Need a better note taking app than the standard one that comes on your smartphone? Look no further than Evernote, the awesome app that lets you not only write notes, but also organizes your web articles, documents, and photos. This app is great for business because all of your notes, documents and photos are located in one place so you’ll never need to spend time searching for them again.
3. Periscope
Periscope is a live broadcast app that lets you show your followers what you’re doing with your business and everyday lives. This app is great for business because it allows your followers to interact with you and ask questions about your business in a chat room. Periscope lets people see the behind the scenes and everyday activities that go on with your business.
4. Sunrise
In search of a better calaendar app? Check out the Sunrise app. It syncs with your social media and iCloud accounts so you never miss an important event again. This is a great business app because it makes sure you rsvp to events and never miss a thing.
 5. InFocus Pro
Tired of having to use multiple apps for everything? InFocus Pro is an all in one app that contains a calendar, checklist, to-do, projects, and notes. It helps minimalize space on your smartphone while keeping all of your organization tools in one place. This app is great for business because it helps keep you organized and up to date on everything you need.
6. Office Time
Office Time is a time tracking app that records how long you’ve been working on a task or project and creates a report out of it. This is a good business app if you need to keep on schedule with a project and stay within your budget.
7. Contactually
 Need to stay up to date with the important people in your network? Contactually manages your entire network of contacts complete with a list of notes and prior interactions you had with people. This is a great app for business because you can organize your contacts into groups, or buckets, and stay in touch with everyone in your network.
8. Buffer
Scheduling posts for social media has never been easier with the Buffer app! It connects all of your social media accounts and tracks how well each post is doing. This app is great for business because it lets you know how many people you’re reaching and how well you’re doing.
9. Wakie
 Looking for a different way to wake up in the morning? Wakie does just that! Set an alarm for the time you want to wake up and when that alarm goes off you’re woken up by a 1 minute phone call from someone around the world. Start your day off with a fun conversation  without any awkward goodbyes. It’ll warn you at 50 seconds and at one minute it hangs up.
10. Word Swag
WordSwag is a must have for heavy photo marketers and the creative types. You can create typography and put quotes over your pictures to create eye popping images. It’s a great app to use for business because social media is one of the best ways to tell your audience who you are as a business.
Hope you enjoy exploring these apps!
xoxo, Courtney
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A Rustic Whimsical Wedding Day

The style of this session is rustic with a modern twist, and the theme is romance in a summer garden. The set is decorated with soft and fresh colors, such as yellows, pinks, and greens, with gold details being the emphasis to depict the luxurious feel. We found this little secret garden in the urban city; it is so quiet and beautiful, and is a perfect location for a whimsical wedding.

The grand dessert and cake is all designed and handcrafted by Kitty Wong Pastry Shop. The wedding cake, also the main focus of the dessert table, is made with exquisite details like ruffles and gold sequins. The cake was painted with white and gold watercolor effects, and decorated with pink and ivory flowers; all the details are handmade and are edible!


Our planner, D’Love Affair Wedding & Events, sourced all vendors and made this session happen. The set is provided and designed by Past Pieces, from small details like vintage books and suitcases, to big items like the wooden doors, and beautiful couches. We love the rustic dessert table, supported by wine barrels.


The beautiful wedding dress, from Pronovias’ new 2015 collection, is provided by Clara Couture Bridal. This dress features an unique loose strap design, with elegant bead work. The jewelleries, designed by Mirror Mirror Bijoux, also complimented the pink sequins dress with its unique colors and textures.


Photographer:  L’Estelle Photography | Makeup Artist: ACmakeup | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Baracos+Brand |  Event Planner: D’Love Affair Weddings & Events | Makeup Artist: Elena Tsang Make Up Artistry | Cake Designer: Kitty Wong PastryShop | Shoes:Lords Shoes | Jewelry: Mirror Mirror Bijoux | Design and Decor:Pastpieces: Vintage Weddings And Events | Paper Props:Something Nice Decor | Tailored blooms Dress Store: Clara Couture Bridal

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Mommy & Her Twin Princesses

Im a mom of one but moms of multiples are seriously amazing in my eyes!! I don’t know how you ladies do it. I love how you can see the love in these three, they are serious such beautiful little girls. Contrast love.

From Photographer:  ”Meet Tonya, Olivia & Harper. A momma and her pretty twin girls. Precious miracles. Tonya has been waiting for these two angels for quite some time. It was quite a journey getting them here. She is an amazing, beautiful mother with so much love for her children. These sweet girls are nearly three months old and as cute as ever. I loved watching Tonya take care of her babes…and multitask with two at a time. Moms of twins are supermoms! (I know first hand! Thanks, mom!) At the beginning of this session, I kept mixing them up, but now I can totally tell these sweeties apart. They are both so beautiful…and so loved. P.S. Thanks Audrey for letting us use your house.Lifestyle photography is a way of documenting genuine moments in a family’s life. It’s real, it’s raw and it’s beautiful Simply take pictures of a family doing what they do and doing what they love. Capture the way they interact with one another. Freeze genuine moments”.


Photos: KA Photography 

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