Super Bowl Party Challenge!

Whether you tune in for the game, the half-time show or the commercials, watching the Super Bowl has become a yearly event that rivals a national holiday! But a Super Bowl party does not have to revolve around the television, or involve ordering pizza. So, in the spirit of (friendly) competition, we’ve come up with a fun team-themed party idea to make your Super Bowl Sunday enjoyable for all!


Super Bowl Team Theme


To stay true to the sports theme of the day, assign your guests into “teams” and have them compete for a Super Party Prize! Like a competitive potluck, each team should make the same number of dishes, and try to bring their tastiest “A-game” foods to the party.  At the end of the day, each guest will vote for their overall favorite dish, and the tallied votes will decide the winning team. You can up the ante by asking each team to decide on a specific cuisine (Spanish vs Italian? We love tapas and antipasti!). Or have them prepare foods that represent the regions of the football teams playing in the big game (New England vs Seattle? Bring on the lobster rolls and smoked salmon!).

If there are children attending your party, ask each team to bring a creative activity or game for the kids to enjoy. Have an art station where they can create colorful team logos and sports pennants, or make a classic tailgating game kid-friendly (like a bag toss). Then let the children decide the winning team based off which activities they enjoyed the most. It will keep the whole family entertained!

There are so many ways you can boost the creativity for your team-theme party! Have each team make a signature drink. Create custom favors, based off team colors and logos. And give out individual prizes to each team’s “MVP”, for most popular dish. But with tasty food, happy guests and an interactive theme, everyone will be a winner on Super Bowl Sunday!


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Nails Urban Style Approved

Let’s face it we all love to get our nails done.. but sometimes it breaks the bank or we just hate how they never last more that 2 days…. Well good news! Jamberry a fairly new company is here to save your nails and fashion statement. I personally can’t paint my nails without it looking like a 5 year old did it. Jamberry has fun easy diy applications and amazing fun solid colors and designs for every taste.  Check them out you won’t be sorry and your nails will be back to looking fabulous!

Jamberry Nails

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Venice Beach Love

The Venice Beach boardwalk isn’t the type of place you might think of for an engagement session, but local couple Carrie and Nick knew it was the perfect site for them.eremy, of LA Exposures, was even skeptical at first! But, with Carrie and Nick as his guides, the photog ventured into a known tourist trap and found beauty in the madness. And today, Jeremy shares their boardwalk experience with us.



From Photographer Jeremy:
“The first time I met Carrie she was with her Mom, and sister at the Bride World bridal show at the LA Convention Center. After chatting with her Mom, I learned that she wasn’t just planning one of her daughters weddings, but TWO of her daughter’s weddings, and within an 18 month window! That’s no small task for any parent. So we give major kudos to this Momma! After chatting for 15 minutes or so, I encouraged the ladies to walk around the convention center to see what all was out there in the world of wedding photography. Within about 2 hours they had seen it all, and Carrie came back to book me for her July 5th wedding at the Marriott Marina Del Rey!”



“Carrie and her fiancé Nick live in Venice Beach, just a few blocks from the boardwalk. I learned that they spend a lot of time in that area, and frequent a lot of the local hangout spots. As we walked around we got to hit up some of their favorite spots, and use them as unique backdrops for their shoot. Whenever I think of Venice Beach my mind quickly goes to the many ‘Doctors’ and the hundreds of peddlers and crazy people running around the boardwalk. But on this day I couldn’t help but see the beauty, the love, and the amazing connection between Carrie and Nick. They showed me a completely different side of Venice Beach! Just looking at these pictures you can tell how much fun Carrie and Nick have together, and how in love they are. Cheers to both of you for showing me another side of Venice Beach! Let’s just say that doesn’t happen very often!”



Congratulations to Carrie and Nick on their engagement and marriage, and thank you to Jeremy for sharing the love!
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Life Hack: Coffee Ice Cubes!

Who doesn’t love coffee? Personally I can’t live without my morning cup! It’s the fuel I need to chase my 11-month-old around all day, and get work done for my businesses. Coffee is amazing and is a must in almost everyone’s life. So, today we are bringing you a quick fun life hack for all you coffee lovers! These coffee ice cubes make your mornings a breeze, and are a cool treat on warm sunny days in SoCal!



What you’ll need:


 Milk of your choice

Coffee maker

Ice Cube Tray




1. Brew 8-12 ounces of your favorite coffee, and let it cool.



2. Pour your brewed coffee into an ice-cube tray.



3. Put the tray into your freezer over night (approximately 6-8 hours).



4. Pour your milk of choice into a glass. (I used vanilla soy, but it’s also great with fresh almond milk!)



5. Place the coffee ice cubes into your milk (the more you use the stronger it will be), and enjoy a quick delicious iced latte!



Put some coffee ice cubes into a cup of coffee, to make yourself a tasty iced coffee that never gets watered down! Or try using your favorite brewed tea, to make an iced tea latte or double-strength iced tea. Either way, these ice cubes are a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of caffeine!

XOXO, Sara Mackenzie

Photos: Urban Style | Ice Cube Tray: Target

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Social Studio Workshop

Who here is as social media obsessed as the Urban Style Girls? Come on…we know you are because you follow us!:-)We can all agree that social media has taken over our personal and professional lives more than we ever imagined, and that we have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. But it’s a new year, and we aim to turn it into a love/LOVE relationship! Want to learn how? Well then snag a ticket to the hottest social media workshop to hit San Diego: Social Studio.  It’s taking place this weekend at one of our favorite Urban SD spots, Casa Artelexia, so hurry up and secure your spot. (We hope it’s in a seat next to us!)



“Social Studio is a social media workshop that covers all the basics of social media marketing and then some! We spend an entire weekend transforming you into the ultimate socialite! Through training, open discussion, hands-on application and group activities we show you how to create authentic relationships with your audience and grow your online presence. Social Studio is the perfect workshop for bloggers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners who have a baseline understanding of social media but want to take their digital presence to the next level!”



“Our next two-day social media workshop will be hosted on January 24-25 at Casa Artelexia in San Diego. During the first day of the workshop we talk social media theory: why it’s important to be online, how to set attainable goals, learn how to create content to post, how and where to find your audience online, and more! On the second day we explore a few more topics, such as how to sell on social media, and then apply the knowledge we’ve learned through group activities. Additionally we take time to walk through each of the four main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) and offer quick tips for building your profiles and increasing engagement. Additionally, our San Diego workshop will feature guest speaker, Whitney Bond from Little Leopard Book. Whitney will share with us the basics of blogging including: how to start a blog and how to monetize a blog.”



“Our two-day workshops include: the costs of attending, a valuable, one-of-a-kind tips & tricks handbook, two full-day crash courses chock full of valuable information on how to best navigate the overwhelming world of social media, AND an awesome goody bag! We currently have several nationwide and local sponsors supporting our workshop. These sponsors include: Sable & Snow, Casa Artelexia, Of All Things Bakery, Onya’e Naturals Skincare, Twin Stripe,and Juice Saves.”



The Details

Location: Casa Artelexia

Date: January 24-25, 2015

Time: 10am-5pm

Includes: a one-of-a-kind tips & tricks handbook, a full weekend packed full of valuable information on how to best navigate the ever-changing and overwhelming world of social media, and of course, an awesome goody bag!

What to Bring

  • laptop
  • notepad and pen
  • Smart phone for activities
  • Business cards for networking (optional)
  • Positive attitude and your happy self!


XOXO, Sara Mackenzie

 Photos & Info: Social Studio

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